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About Alma Mater

A shop by Harvard students, for students, alumni, faculty, and families, The Harvard Shop’s newest brand Alma Mater is focused on members of the Harvard community and Crimson values. Each product is crafted intentionally - complementing the Harvard alumni, faculty, and students we serve, capturing the classic essence of Harvard, its tradition, its history, and its timelessness. Our time at Harvard shapes who we are as individuals and as a community, and our collections aim to unify and celebrate our shared experiences. Our store model has collections that are open for pre-orders and after those orders are collected, we place the orders to exact quantities and personalizations. This allows us to have very specific items that are tailored to each collection and most importantly, you. Because of this, please note the store close dates and shipping dates on each collection, and we generally cannot accept refunds or exchanges. You cannot order after the store closes and your orders will not be immediately available.  


Contact Us


Phone (Mon-Fri):  (617) 496-9996

Address: 67 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge, MA 02138