Harvard Student Agencies

Welcome to the Harvard Student Agencies Custom Store! Items in this store are made to order immediately after you place your order, and ship out in 2 - 7 days.

Please note: a custom store is not an online retail store! These items are not in stock in a warehouse - they are custom-ordered. Please note that because everything you purchase is made just for you, we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges, so please double check sizes and colors!


Please select "Shipping" and enter your desired shipping address. Charges will apply. Since all orders are made to order, often from different locations, you may receive multiple packages depending on what you ordered.

As all products are made to order, please note that there will be no returns or refunds. Please email info@groupgear.com if you have any questions.

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HAS Cleaners Mug
From $7.95 - $10.95
From $7.95 - $10.95
HSA Embroidered Sweatshirt
HSA Premium Embroidered T-Shirt
HSA Champion Dad Cap
HSA Laptop Stickers
From $3.00 - $4.00